California Adaptive Rowing Programs
Angela Madsen, Founder & Director

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Volunteer Opportunities

California Adaptive Rowing Programs

Volunteer opportunities

  • Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:15PM

  • Saturday at 8:30AM

Volunteer duties:

  1. Help set up and carry/dolly boats and equipment from the
    storage enclosure to the dock and into the water.

  2. Help differently-abled people transfer into and out of the boats

  3. Wash and return boats and equipment to the storage area

  4. No rowing experience is required; however, trained rowers may be called upon to occasionally row in 2X or 4+ with disabled rowers.

  5. Volunteers who desire will be trained to row with visually impaired or other rowers needing someone to row with.

  6. Volunteers who desire will be trained to coach adaptive rowers by Level III Rowing Coach, Angela Madsen  

  7. Volunteers will have fun and experience the joy the adaptive rowers have from the freedom of being on the water.

    There is some lifting involved and it is a water sport so you must not mind getting a little wet. We need 4 volunteers per session. All sessions are approximately 2 hours in length. When you have completed each session you will be given a volunteer service voucher verifying your service with our program.

    You may schedule your volunteer time by contacting:
  • Sarah Mackenzie, CARP Program Director, US Level 2 Rowing Coach                        562-481-4732
  • Angela Madsen, CARP Founder,  Level 3 Rowing Coach



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